Off the Field

Manager Andrew Westgarth has not just got the players working hard as a team on the pitch, he’s also organised an off field squad that have been busy decorating the changing rooms, corridors and dugouts and making general repairs to the ground, buildings and equipment.  The few pictures posted here that show some of the work in progress hardly do credit to the improvements made.  If you get the chance pop in and have a look, the lads have done a tremendous job as the whole ambience of the area is much improved.

Andrew’s uncle Patrick ‘Paddy’ Westgarth, Darren Friend, Graham Medlin, Shane Clarke; first team skipper Joe Cooper and players Ed Timmons, Ethan Fearn and Connor Symons, who have all contributed to the work and donated materials.  Sorry if I’ve missed anybody but thanks to all for all the work that’s been done and that that is ongoing.