Dawid Zanowski back in Training

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Monday evening twelve under fifteen’s faces broke into broad smiles as Dawid Zanowski who has been unavailable for the under fifteen’s since the first game of the season after suffering a severe knee injury which had his knee strapped in a leg brace, last night surprised his team mates and coaches by making a return to training at Truro college.
Its early days yet but he took part in the whole session and over the next few weeks will be helped to slowly increase the intensity at which he can train and compete.
Dawid was a key player in the pre-season assembly of the new squad and his influence has been a big loss to the team as they look to establish themselves in the Kernow Premier league.
The under fifteen’s managers and coaches commented; getting Dawid back involved will be like making a brand new signing, and he is another player with a great attitude and a desire to listen and learn to play the game. His return is just the tonic the team needed and a great pre-xmas boost as we prepare for a busy few weeks where we will be playing all the top teams in our league.

The evenings coaching session turned out to be a very good session with the squad asked to think about and work upon set pieces whilst the strikers continued developing their hold up play by looking to use their strength in receiving the ball with back to goal, in order to shield the ball, before laying it back to the midfielders or out wide to the wingers, thereby helping to retain possession and build a platform for the attacks to develop from.